This website is meant to serve as an "idea book" for your yard.

This website is not designed in order to sell plants.  It is meant as a guide to help you choose plants for your landscape.

706 different plants, including weeds, are photographed.  Most are species, though some such as roses, are listed by cultivar

Plants are also grouped by shade tolerance, salt tolerance, and fragrance

In the Yard Scenes, each slideshow displays the plants in context.  This might provide some ideas for grouping plants.  To see  what plants bloom  when, check out the Year in Color.

The Native Plants section shows the plants that were already growing on my land.  In addition, natives that I have planted are indicated in red lettering in other sections.

The Beginning shows what I started out with in my own yard.   

I use both native and non-native plants.

The distinction between  Weeds and Roadside Wildflowers isn't cut and dry.

All the plants shown can grow here in Zone 8B (includes Florida Panhandle).   I grew all the cultivated plants in the photos, except those in the Roadside section..

Updated 3/23/2021