This website is meant to serve as an "idea book" for your yard.

This website is not designed in order to sell plants.  It is meant as a guide to help you choose plants for your landscape.

Most of the species that I have grown are shown under the chapters Annuals; Perennials; Bulbs, Corms, & Rhizomes;  Shrubs, Trees & Vines, and Fruits, Vegetables, & Herbs

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Search this website:
  • 580 different plants, including weeds, are photographed.  Most are species, though some such as roses, are listed by cultivar.
  • Plants are also grouped by shade tolerance, salt tolerance, and fragrance
  • In the Yard Scenes, each slideshow displays the plants in context.  This might provide some ideas for grouping plants.  To see  what plants bloom  when, check out the Year in Color.
  • The Native Plants section shows the plants that were already growing on my land.  In addition, natives that I have planted are indicated in red lettering in other sections.
  • The Beginning shows what I started out with in my own yard.   
  • I use both native and non-native plants.
  • The distinction between  Weeds and Roadside Wildflowers isn't cut and dry.
  • All the plants shown can grow here in Zone 8B (includes Florida Panhandle).   I grew all the cultivated plants in the photos, except those in the Roadside section..
  • Last updated 1 December 2012